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Traditional Thai - Isaan wedding

Traditional Thai - Isaan wedding

The Bai Sri Su Khawn ceremony is traditionally practiced amongst the people of the North and Northeast of Thailand, and is similar in Lao culture. This ceremony is for the blessing and recall of spirits. The components of the ceremony include a tray decorated with folded beautiful banana leaves and a Master of Ceremonies (Mor Khawn). Mor Khawn chanting is in both Thai and Pali languages. The meaning of the chanting mostly teaches the couple about married life and blesses them.

The ceremony started when the groom with his family and friends made a short distance walk to our home passing “Pra tu ngen – Pra tu tong”, which literally means “silver and gold gate”. This is symbolic as a barrier of love that eventually the groom will get through.

The ceremony ends with families and guests binding the wrist of the groom and bride with white cotton to wishing them good luck and money can (and was) given to them to start their new family. The groom’s family will receive gifts from the bride, usually handmade silk clothes, traditionally made by the bride.


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