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Dressing Your Bridesmaids

Updated: Nov 6, 2021

Bridesmaid Dress Ideas.

1. Get more dress ideas

Lucky you, you can find bridesmaid dress ideas from many sites all over the internet now. There are tons of ideas for you!You can have a color theme or let your bridesmaid choose individuality. Here are some tips for you: first choose the materials or color to match your wedding theme. Second, prepare to see the shapes and silhouettes of your bridesmaid’s look before the day. There might be a case that the silhouettes do not match, you will have time to fix them. If your bridesmaid wants to choose their dress for their own, make sure that they send the dress to get your approval beforehand. We don’t want to see any mismatched looks!

2. Go for any length

Some of your bridesmaids may feel comfortable to wear long styles or some prefer to have a short length dress, they know what suits them best. Let them decide because you want them to feel confident and comfortable at the ceremony.

3. Dare to be different

Bridesmaid dresses don’t have to look the same in style. Let them pick their own style which reflects their personality. But make sure that your bridesmaid looks interesting as a group.

4. Offer options with limitations

If you don’t want your best friends to look boring with the same color and style, let them use their imagination with their dress and options. However, you will have a limitation to their choices.

5. Let them shine

You can let your bridesmaid pick their own jewelry such as ear rings , and necklaces to match their style or gift them matching pieces within your budget.

6. Time for prints

Your girls will look fresh, fun and unique in prints. Let’s have some fun on your day.

7. Mix the fabrics

Your friends will have fun choosing materials and texture from cotton, silk, lace, linen, to chiffon but ensure that the color will be in the same shades or themes.

8. Make it all white

Bridesmaids can wear white dresses!!! You can have each of them have their own unique look by wearing colorful accessories or gleaming gold.

9. Play with the palette

Your girls will look great and stunning all together. It is a good to have no more than three shades.

10. Hairstyle.

If you are having a variety of dresses, you should probably suggest your bridesmaid keep their hair and make up simple. Give your girls the same loose waves, or same makeup tone.

11. Play with Prints in the Palette Though only some are patterned, all these dresses look stunning together because they're in the same color scheme. Stick to a palette of no more than three shades to keep your lineup charming, not chaotic. It's also fun to gather similarly themed patterns.

12. Gift Your Girls Early Turn coordinating their outfits into a gift opportunity, then ruin the surprise—please! Tell your posse now what you'll be giving them later, whether its the dresses themselves or trendy earrings like these Hart ones. That way, they can plan ahead and budget for the rest of their ensemble.


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