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5 Memory Making Family Photo Ideas

Time moves quickly and before we know it, another year is passed. Photos give us the incredible ability to reflect, allowing us to look at exact moments from the past. We can look back and remember the times our families experience one photo at a time. So, step back from behind the camera, jump in the picture, and capture moments and memories for a lifetime.

Here are a few family photo ideas that you and your children will want to look back on:

1. Firsts

Whether it’s taking their first steps or handing over the keys to their first car, first times are important milestones in a child’s life. Imagine stumbling across a photo of you and your child after catching their first fish. Even your major accomplishments, first day at a new job or after your first 5K, are moments your family will enjoy looking back on.

2. Just Before a New School Year

Every year, without fail, summer ends and kids begin a new school year. Equipped with the essentials, from cool school supplies to fresh shoes, the start of another year of learning is the perfect moment to snap a picture. Just before you send them on their way, take the time to make a sign—showing their name and the grade they’re entering. Create a first day of school collection, an anchor point for reflecting on how much your kids have grown, physically and intellectually, from year to year.

3. Family Adventures

Cameras are essential tools for family adventures. A trip to a new destination or familiar location deserves a solid picture. Step out from behind the camera, ask a passing stranger, and capture the moment. Maybe it’s in front of the tiger exhibit your kids love at the zoo, a beautiful mountain scape, a new exhibit at the museum, or just lounging at the beach; whatever it is, be sure to seize the opportunity to record exciting family adventures.

4. Anything Silly

We love making goofy faces. We love that moment, just after taking the serious photo, when the photographer says, “Now a funny one!” Admit it, even the most serious among us finds joy in making an ugly pig-nosed-face with the ones we love. The silly picture, the crazy faces and out-of-the-box poses, is perfect for the memory books. Even though we probably don’t want to remember what we look like sticking our tongue out, the fun of taking silly pictures is worth the potential embarrassment.

5. Repeat Photos

What if there were two pictures, side by side, that were exactly alike—the pose, the clothes, even the location? The only difference? Time. Recreating photos is an awesome representation of passed time. We can see just how much we’ve grown and changed. Whether it’s five, ten, or even twenty years between photos, recreate a blast from the past for a fun, must-have family photo.

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