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Tips for Including Animals in Your Wedding

Updated: Oct 26, 2021

For animal lovers: here are things to consider if you want to have furry friends at your wedding.

Many couples involve their beloved dogs or cat in their big day, some of them have their animal participate in the wedding procession or simply have them pose for portraits. Some even rent animals as big as a house such as elephants or buffalo. These are a few things to consider if you are thinking of involving animal friends at your wedding:

1. Inform your wedding planner in advance

This will help the staff to be prepared for the special guest both with food and a place for the animal and will allow the photographer to find a perfect spot for shooting.

2. Ensure that your venue allows animals

Depending on the hotel or venue of your wedding, you might not be able to take your pet or any animals to the event. If your wedding is held in a hotel, animals are unlikely to be permitted. However, if you pick a resort or park, it might be possible to involve your pet.

3 Tell your guests beforehand

Do mention to your guests about your special animals as it will help prepare them in advance.

4. Consider the venue site

Does the venue have enough space for your animal? Are there any decorations or floral arrangements that the animal could destroy? Is there space for the animal to rest? If the venue has limited space, it may be wise not to have them in your day.

5. Consider any potential allergies

Some of your guests might have allergy issues, it might be a good idea to have allergy medicine available for them.

6. Arrange for an animal sitter

If you rent an animal, it usually comes with a caretaker. But for your personal pet, you should find an animal sitter to play, to feed, to walk and to take care of your precious pet. Be sure that the venue has the area for your pet to relieve itself.

7. How about your pet personality?

If your pet is a sociable type, you are lucky. But if your pet is not a friendly type, it might be a problem. He might bark often, run around or ruin the ceremony.


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