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Charming Chiang Mai Do.

May married Steve at 137 Pillars House in Chiang Mai, Thailand. She says : "our venue is a boutique hotel in a peaceful corner of Chiang Mai where we first met. The hotel was once owned by Louis Leonowens the son of Anna form Anna and the King and the perfect setting for our English and Thai Wedding. We didn't have a wedding planner; we organised everything ourselves with a little help from my friend Fon, to contact suppliers in Thailand. With such a beautiful venue only a few touches were needed to create an elegant setting reflecting Thai tradition using English and Thai white flowers. As the sun began to set, our guest gathered in the shade of a magnificent mature Mimosa tree and the ceremony began, it was truly magical! The Thai ceremony followed and was held in the turn to tie threads around our wrists and give us their blessings. My top tip: for a destination wedding, you should consider to hire a local planner. they can help you to find the best suppliers withuot paying a premium price."


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