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Chiang Mai, located in the north of the Thailand, is best known as a land of culture, tradition, and arts. This city is much more scenic than Bangkok and is thus an ideal place for hosting a destination wedding in Thailand. Wherever you look, at the wedding venues in Chiang Mai you’ll find enough greenery and a peaceful ambiance. If you are a nature lover, then Chiang Mai is all yours!

Small weddings create an intimate setting with your guests. You feel relaxed and can enjoy the moment. If you are one of the many couples looking to plan a small wedding, here’s a few things to consider when planning.

Location : 137 Pillars House Chiang Mai / Capacity : 120 Guests

1. Budget Friendly

Weddings are one of the most important days for couples. Big weddings mean big budgeting. Expenses range from food and drinks, tables and chairs, decorations, venue, reception party, and so much more. Having a small wedding will cost you less and cause you less stress. You can spend your budget on a honeymoon, expensive wedding items, or a new house.

Location : Four Seasons Resort Chiang Mai / Capacity : 150 Guests

2. Fewer Guests, More Intimacy

Guests are the most important part of wedding planning. With a small, intimate wedding this means you can greet and talk to everyone on your big day. You only invite the people you care about and close friends. You are surrounded by good friends, positive energy, and the people that matter most to you.

Location : Keep in touch Chiang Mai, Thailand / Capacity : 60 Guests

3. Venue Creativity

Cutting the budget on the guest list will offer you a chance to pick your favorite wedding venue. Typically, weddings are held in a hotel ballroom, but that’s too cliché. With fewer guests, you can have a wedding at your favorite restaurant, backyard, boutique hotel, or in a park. Choose a place that best describes who you both are.

Location : Baan Monfai Chiang Mai, Thailand / Capacity : 100 Guests

4. Perfection Doesn’t Matter

When it comes to the wedding day, anything can go wrong, even with perfect plans. Small weddings are more flexible than big weddings. Problems can easily be fixed if something is not right.

Location : Villa San Pee-Seua / Capacity : 50 Guests

5. Add Personality

With a small wedding, you can make the day your own. You can add a little more creativity to the decorations, flower arrangements, and even with your favorite catering. You can choose to spend your budget on your favorite designer wedding gown or jewelry.

Location : The Heritage House & Garden / Capacity : 150 Guests

Location : Autuus Chiang Mai, Thailand / Capacity : 80 Guests

Location : Gymkana Club Chiang Mai, Thailand / Capacity : 120 Guests

Location : The Prince Royal 's College / Capacity : 120 Guests

Location : Na Nirand Romantic Boutique Resort / Capacity : 80 Guests

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