ARADA x Marry and More Wedding

Wedding Planner in Chiang Mai, Thailand & Catering Service

Marry and More Wedding Planner’s mission is to bring your visions and dreams to life and create a memorable wedding to celebrate! Marry and More Wedding is a premium wedding planner in Chiang Mai, Thailand specializing in Wedding Design, Planning and Catering. Our mission is to create a one-of-a-kind wedding celebration that truly reflects your style and personality. From concept creation through event planning, logistics and on-the-day event management and styling, we are here to customize our services to suit your needs. Marry and More can work with you to create a bespoke wedding package to make you have exactly what you need within the budget that you are comfortable with. We are also a destination wedding planner in Chiang Mai. We serve international couples in Thai, English and Mandarin Chinese.

Marry and More Wedding's mission is create one-of-a-kind wedding celebration. From concept creation through budget allocation, logistics and one-the-day coordination with ARADA Photography - we are here to make your wedding an unforgettable one!

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